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Who we are? We are BelleNova Cosmetics.
We all know what Belle stands for, and Nova stands for New. New in the industry, but also because we do everything in a slightly different, new way, than everyone is used to. BelleNova Cosmetics is an independent wholesale webshop, we are not linked to one brand or an Academy but we work together. We work together with various parties, big names in the industry, but we also keep a close eye on all innovations to give new products and start-ups a fair chance. Our range holds multiple brands, big names but also new names. We try to keep the collection diverse, high quality and accessible, so that we can serve different segments within the industry. In order to emphasize our position as an independent party, we also work together with various specialists from the sector. Your opinion counts, counts in the supply and development. We have asked a number of specialists to blog via our website. They share their experiences, opinion, knowledge and more with anyone who wants to know! Would you like to write for BelleNova? Let us know, we are always open to new contacts.

We believe that if every specialist can select or try out his or her favourite brands and products, this will only lead to more positivity for everyone.

Do we have your attention? Let's walk this new road together, because this route will be Belle and Nova.

And you...
Would you like to know which players, big and small, are actually all out there? Which new brands do we work with? Follow us on our website or Social media. We move daily and will continue to add more and new products to our range. 

The Assortment
At BelleNova Cosmetics, cosmetic and paramedical specialists can find Micro-blading, Areola, Micro pigmentation and Permanent make-up supplies for all treatments in the salon or clinic. The collection offers a variety of machines, needle modules / cartridges, salon supplies, hygiene and aftercare products, ink and pigments.

The collection of vegan pigments are used for eyebrows, lips, eyeliner, hair follicle simulation, areola and other medical treatments.

We offer a range of high quality brands and products. Together we strive for a self-confident, positive and satisfied result for every specialist, salon and of course the customers.

        BelleNova Cosmetics
Together to a Belle and Nova future